Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hard day at work

This is me sitting at my daddy's desk. I was really bored! I thought going to work meant I get to say hi to people all day and play all day. But noooo I had to sit quietly beside dad so he could work. One time I managed to sneak away and go into the wardrobe room, but then I got caught! Doh!! My dad is working for a TV show called Psych, it is a new show and is doing really well. My daddy took me outside several times and even took me to a doggy park, I had fun running around!

This is Ruby, she works in the same building as my dad. Isn't she beautiful? I love her natural ears and full tail. Mommy says she looks as bratty as me, just look at that cheeky look on her face. She was looking at me.

When I got home mommy was already home from work, I said hi to mommy then went straight for the couch and fell asleep. It was a long day!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Dad says he doesn't like the way I write so I'm gonna have to write like mommy writes. Today mommy took me on a nice walk around the neighbourhood. We've been walking alot lately because mom wants to make sure we walk atleast a 1/2 hour a day -- she wants to lose weight and she also thinks it's good for me too. And then on the weekends we do a walk AND she takes me to the park! I love the weekends. Here's some photos of me on my walk today, I love to chew grass.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happee Birday to meeee!!

I am 2 today!! I got me a new collar, a new skweeky toy, an den mommy and daddy took me out for dinner! I got a yummy burger patty! And today we ar goin to da park an an den we ar goin to Petcetera do gets me some bully sticks! I love birdays!! I don no why mommy made me put on dat dupid hat!! But da cake wad yummy!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Smile! I'm on Camera!

Mommy is all scaredy now so she keeps her compooter on and sumhow she can see me when she is nod even here. Dere id nod much to see cuz I sleep all day. Today she culd see me howling. I don member howlin bud the only time I howl is wen da sirens go by. Dis is a photo of my sleeping on da cowch. Now if a burglar comes in she can call da cops rite away plus she will have a photo of da big meany. Daddee wants to get an alarm put in too. I feel bad cuz I shulda bited da burglar! Bud, den again, I culda gotted owies if I bited him...I don like owies.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Got Robbed

Mommy said we got robbed. I didin member being robbed? Is dat when someone climbs over da fence and thru da window? I thinked dat he wanted to play tug and say hello. Mommy says they stole our playstation2, gameboy advance and all the games plus our video camera. And den today mommy was going to take me to da park an realized dat her set of car keys and garage remote to da building were gone too.

I didin know dat I am supposed to bark at people too I just thinked dat I am supposed to bark at dawgs dat walk by here.

I wish I culd tell mommy and daddy what the robber looked like. I kinda dot after the robber left that maybe somting wadden rite.

Da next day I was a bit jumpy wen we went fer a walk. Poor mommy and daddy dey are so stressed.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My ear sucks

Talk about in your face! Mom said she read that one of the benefits for ear cropping is less chance of ear splitting and other floppy related problems. Yep, so umm yah I have a problem with one of my ears now. I'm still glad they are floppy though. Mommy has been putting stuff on it to help it get better. At first she put my ear in warm water and epsom salts which didn't feel all that great. Now that the pussy stuff is gone she just cleans it with hydrogen peroxide and then puts on polysporin.
Today we went to the park and I had lots of fun running around but i got so hot, even at 10am. Maybe I'm getting too old and out of shape. hehe. Hey did you know I'll be two soon?!! My birday is September 22nd, the day after mommy's birday. Maybe she'll get us a cake, about a BONE shaped icecream cake!! YUMM!!! I LUV ICE CREAM!!!
Oh and mommy has been teaching me how to speak! No pictures or video though cuz dad left the camera at work. duh.