Saturday, August 19, 2006

Trains, boats and logs oh my!

Today we went for a walk near the Fraser River, it's only a couple of minutes walk from our house so I hope mommy takes me here more often! There is so much to look at! On the way there are trains lots of trains and then I like to watch all the birdies flying from log to log in the river. There are lots of nice ponds on the way too but I am not allowed in there because the sign says so. There are so many nice flower gardens and so many smells that I get super happy and wanna do the boxer 500 but it's kinda hard with my leash still on so I do circles around mommy and make her dizzy!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

New Tongue!

I got a new toy today! In fact I have got lots of new toys this week! Mommy gots me some cuz she felt bad that I had to stay home lots cuz of allergies and grampa visited this week and he gots me some toys too!! He didn't even have to tell me he gots me toys I found them all by myself in the shopping bag on the floor and ran over to show everyone my new toy and they all laughed at me! hehe! Mommy thinks this one is the funniest I don't know why.


Mommy hasn't been taking me out as much lately, especially not swimming. I had lots of red bumps all over me that were kinda like skito bites but we don't have skitos around here. Mommy gave me a bath lots, I kinda like baths now! I jump in all by myself! This is a picture of me when I had a bath and then mommy put aloe on me and didn't want me to lick it of so she put daddy's shirt on me.