Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Fun Day

It turned out to be a good day! I waited all day, I even helped dad play World of War Craft.

And then we went to the park, the regular park and they let me run around without my leash! I pretended I was playing football. I was so fast no one could catch me!

Still can't catch me! PAAA!! Weeee!!

What? Who's there? I see...I see another doggy! Owh, he's just walking by. Oh well.


I was so happy when mommy said she wasn't going to work on Thursday, but then I found out that being sick meant we did NOTHING. NATA. ZILCH! Mommy did some work from home and the rest of the time she slept or watched TV. Same thing on Friday, did absolutely nothing. I liked cleaning up the kleenex's though, although mommy didn't appreciate it. She told me not to eat kleenex's cuz they will just come out the other end and that is why sometimes I get a poopy stuck to my butt. Ewww. Oh well I still like them. FINALLY dad drove us to the park on Saturday afternoon. Mommy could not drive because she is all drugged up and feels like a space cadet. Hopefully today daddy can drive us there again! It looks like it's raining outside though. What a crappy long weekend.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mundy Park Walk

Mommy took me to Hume park for a run then we went to Petcetera, then we went to Mundy Park in Coquitlam for a walk. Of course I always have to taste test the tall grass wherever we go and this stuff was very good. Everything is so wonderful smelling I just can't help but smell everything and when I smell something extra special I want to fly, but then that stupid leash stops me and mommy glares at me and says "stay close". Geesh mom, why can't you just let me run around and go wherever I want? I won't do anything bad I promise!