Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ruldolph the Red Eared Boxer

Owch. My mom says my ears are red and that I need to go to the vet. I can't see my ears but they are itchy and feels like something is in there but when I shake really hard it does not come out. Mom and dad call me hellicopter dog when I shake my ears. Here is the vet looking at my ear. I don't like it!

He cleaned lots of black goo out of my ears and took a sample away on a fuzzy tipped stick. When he came back he put medicine in my ears. I don't like stuff in my ears.

The vet tested the black goo and told us I have a yeast infection. What is yeast? Is that like bread? I didn't put bread in my ear! I had it in my ear last December too. The vet gave me cookie he said my mouth is so soft. Yep mommy says that too, she says my mouth is like a camel mouth. Have you ever touched a camel mouth? It's soft and when you feed them you only feel their fuzzy lips and not their teeth.

This is me paying for my vet visit. Yep, I bring home the bacon and pay my own bills. I'm a superduper dog. $120 dollars! Wow! I only have bones! Okay dad you get this one.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Today we went shopping. But Best Buy isn't a doggy store so I waited outside with mommy. It was kinda cold but I liked it better than waiting in the Jeep. I sit nice so people see how handsome and nice I am and then they pet me. Look at me aren't I so handsome?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Look at all the snow! I got to go to the park lots and run in all the snow and make yellow snow. Yellow snow yellow snow yellow snowwww! It was tricky going poopy because the snow was so deep and hard to find a place where now didn't touch my butt.