Monday, March 19, 2007

Movie Star!

I had to warm up my vocals, naturally, before the shoot. The dog wrangler was very good with directions, of course it helps that I'm a genious. I played the important role of a pound dog up for adoption, I took it very seriously and did my best to look the part. I don't know why they put newspapers down. ugg. Like, as if I need newspapers! Next I will star as the new Lassie, I'm so hot in Doggywood. Hot!
Teddy's mom here...I must appologize for Teddy's big ego now that he thinks he's got Doggywood status.

Teddy the Boxer: Top Dawg desktop picture

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Boxer Party!

I had so much fun today! I went to a HUGE 18 acre park and there was lots of boxers there! Mom says there were maybe 20 boxers there. It was kinda weird though we all looked the same, ran the same, jumped up the same and some even tried to tell me that they were bigger and better than me. NOT. I am DA BOXER! I don't take poop from no one, hey I'm a pretty easy going and friendly guy but if you are rude to me I'll be sure to tell ya. I prefer to just run around and wrestle a bit, that's all. But some like to be all macho, and some just take it. Not me. DA BOXER! It was really muddy and wet.
Mom and dad sometimes couldn't find me, hehe. My dad was calling my name "comere' Teddy" with his arms wasn't me! Mom says it was hard to get any decent pictures with all of us running around but will pick some nice ones and post soon.
Oh, and by the way! I'm a MOVIE star! I will post more later. woof.