Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Been a While

Hi Everyone!

I've mentioned before that I rarely post because my I don't live with my mom, who types out my blogs for me. I still visit her whenever my dad needs a dog sitter. I have fun visiting my little fur-step-sisters Penny & June. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that my mom adopted June Bug, another Boston Terrier female.  I am doing well for my age, I think. I am getting a lot of grey. I think I'm 9 years old now..or am I 10?  I also have a baby sister without fur, my dad and step-mom made her. I really love her so much! I love kids! Whenever I visit my mom I miss my baby so much that when it's time for me to go home I lay near the door. I know this because my mom gets my bag and bowls packed up. I always know when it's almost time to go home!

My sisters have a YouTube channel, if you like Boxers you probably like Boston Terriers too. So stop by and visit to give them some support! They have a couple of subscribers because they are still so new to YT.  Sometimes I'm even in some of the videos!